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You say garden waste collection worth paying for

The council's public consultation into the future of the garden waste collection service has revealed that of the 1,461 responses received 87.5 per cent indicated they would pay a charge to retain the service.

The consultation results will be considered by the council's Cabinet tomorrow. It will make recommendations for a final decision to be taken by a meeting of the full council.

A free kerbside garden waste collection service has been provided during the growing season since 2012 - the only cost to users being the initial purchase of their wheelie bin.

Acute financial pressures on the council, which faces a projected budget gap of more than half a million pounds in 2016/17, has meant considering charging for the service. It is not a service that the council has to provide, unlike household refuse collection which is mandatory.

Another factor to consider is that currently all council tax payers help fund the annual £275,000 cost of providing the service - but not all use it and some would never use it as they do not have gardens.

The majority of councils who deliver such a service already charge for it.

The council's environment and performance committee considered the report on Wednesday, unanimously supporting its findings.

The garden waste collection service has 15,500 subscribers and 1,200 have more than one bin. 

Most who added comments said it was a good service and they did not want to lose it.