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Staying Gar-fit and healthy

Children in Boston have even more new and exciting reasons for staying fit and healthy - the very latest in fun equipment has been unveiled at Garfit's Lane play area.

The new equipment is part of a £173,000 investment across a number of play areas. Garfit's Lane now has a new climbing frame for older children, roundabout, stepping stones, balance beam, basket swing, zip wire, cradle swings, a roundabout with wheelchair access, play unit, spring rides including one to take up to six children and a picnic bench and table.

Children from St George's Preparatory School and St Thomas Primary School were the first to test the new equipment out after the official opening by Cllr Claire Rylott.

Cllr Rylott, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for parks and open spaces, told the children: "Health, fitness and wellbeing are very important aspects of the work of the council and others - we all want children to grow up big and strong and without any health concerns. I am a great believer in outdoors play as a route to good health. I loved playing outdoors as a child and only wish I had facilities such as this, so I hope children will come here, play nicely and use the equipment. You will find the new equipment more exciting and challenging. It offers many different play experiences than you had before."

The £75,000 Garfit's Lane project was funded through WREN (Waste Recycling Environmental), Boston Town Area Committee and Boston Borough Council

Frances Taylor, the council's play and physical activity officer, said: "This fantastic new play area offers children and young people the chance to experience physically-challenging play while having fun. With childhood obesity being a concern at the moment we need children and young people to be more active and this play area will see that happens."

Central Park in Boston has also recently been refurbished, with funds also made available by Big Boston Local, and more refurbishment works will follow in St John's, Burgess Pit, Shelton's Field and Woodville Road play areas.

Families can also access outdoor gym equipment in Central Park and Woodville Road play areas and adult and child-sized trim trails can be found in Witham Way Country Park and Jenny's Wood.

Boston Borough Council also offers a 12-week fun-filled programme for families with children to come along and take part in cooking, healthy living and exercise at no charge to those attending.

For more information contact Frances Taylor on 01025 354320

Cllr Rylott said: "In total £173,000 will have been spent on these improvements over the borough, representing a significant investment in the health and wellbeing of our young people.

"Play equipment does suffer from normal wear and tear and reaches the point where the only solution is to replace them. I hope this investment will address some of the concerns expressed recently about the condition of some of the play equipment.

"The children in the park today certainly were playing safely and have fun at the same time."

With the summer holidays fast approaching the council has organised more than 70 activities for children and families.

They suit different people's ages and abilities. For the sport enthusiasts, activities such as football to kayaking, tennis to cheerleading are a few among the wide range. If sport isn't entirely your thing there is plenty more for you. A mini-monsters bug hunt, theatre trips, pond dipping and craft workshops are a few.

Most cost nothing at all and offer loads of enjoyment for the whole family.

See the Summer Activities guide on the council website:

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