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"A Great Past and a Bright Future" says Boston's Mayor

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In his first speech as Mayor he asked that everyone in the borough helped promote Boston to the wider world.

He said: "The image and reputation of a place is its most important asset. It affects so many aspects of life in that community. It affects the location of businesses, the decision of vital professionals and their choice of where to live and work. In fact it can affect the prosperity and wellbeing of everyone in the community."

He said: "I want to hear from anyone with their views on what makes Boston a special place - it could be the cost of living, its intimate nature as a small market town, its amenities, open spaces, clean air, countryside and big skies, sports facilities, friendly people, the history and heritage which surrounds us or anything else.

"I just want people to appreciate where they live and work and be positive about it so Boston can be better appreciated by everyone.

"They can email me direct - - and be assured that all their views will be read and considered.

"Their positive contributions will appear on the council website so that anyone searching 'Boston' will discover what a great place it really is."

He said this was important for the wellbeing of residents - those who may have been born here, lived here a long time or newly arrived - and would help give a good first impression to those thinking of relocating, especially those furthering their professional careers or businesses looking to move and expand.

"That makes it important for the prosperity of Boston and the wellbeing and prosperity of all those who live and work here."