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I love the historical aspect. My family have lived in Boston and the surrounding areas for at least 200 years and it's great to have that feeling of belonging.
Paul Collins 


I like Wyberton, it's a nice little village and everyone supports each other. It's quiet and it's still nice today, you get a welcome where ever you go.
Georgia Quant

Boston is special. An intrinsic part of the Borough is  volunteering. I am amazed by the many selfless people who give of their time and energy to make Boston different.  The folks who help and train young people in athletics, the scouts and guides, beavers, brownies, and Air Force, Navy and  Army cadets. Those who introduce our young people to the arts and music. The people who keep our local football and athletic pitches in trim and train our young people in tennis and so many other sports. Local people who become school governors and councillors often to receive criticism from those who do not engage, but they soldier on. Our local litter pickers, our keepers of Witham Park, our gardeners at Fydell House, our Greenscapers, our members of Placecheck.  The local housing societies and parish councillors, all keeping an eye. Our historians and keepers of special places. Those who volunteer in our churches and places of worship, they all contribute to the unique society that is Boston. They all make the difference.
Alison Fairman
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The mix of people who live and work here from so many different places gives a real cosmopolitan feel to what is essentially a small market town.
Tammy Ogden

Boston is home and has been all my life, I have grown up here, I have great memories of nights out and growing up with friends and family. Boston has lots to offer if you just take the time and have a deeper look.
Stuart Ashton


Pace of life! Occasionally frustrating, but there is much to be appreciated in our part of the country.
Kevan Mugleston


Blossom and Stump Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window  The culture and historical landmarks in Boston like the Boston Stump, Blackfriars. It's interesting to see old photographs of the town, and to see how it's changed over the years. I was born in Boston, so it's always nice when you're proud of where you come from, which for me is Boston.
Lewis Wright


When I came here 40 years ago from down south, I thought I was moving to the Artic Circle. I knew there was a famous church building called The Stump but I didn't know there was a town attached to it. In those days, traffic squeezed through Strait Bargate and boys rode delivery bikes. I've grown to enjoy being a naturalised Yellowbelly and I like to live amongst human beings, though in our highly regulated society, we're all losing our faces and identities.
Rev John King

Guildhall with blue sky Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window  "I am an American and I have lived in Boston for 10 years.  I like the small-town atmosphere. There isn't a shopping mall in sight and that is refreshing.  From the very beginning I have found Bostonians to be very friendly and helpful. I love going into the town and actually seeing people  that I know. The history of Boston is very special and while a great many old buildings have been lost, many have been preserved. There are plenty of things to show our from out of town visitors.  My British husband and I were discussing this just last week and we both agreed that there isn't another place on the face of this earth where we would rather live."
Joan Lawrence

"A town centre with all the shops you need, more history than you can shake a stick at, one great lump of a church with Stump to climb and woods, waterways and open fields just a ten minute walk away (even at old man's speed). Who wouldn't love Boston?"
Steve Carnes

"The thing I love the most about the town is being able to get in and out of it to the village I live in within 10 to 15 minutes - traffic permitting."
Alexander Wilson

"Its history is everywhere you look. I love the architecture in the town centre. You can feel that sense of Boston's importance in Britain's history. As a vibrant and ever-changing community it will play that role into the future too."
David Fannin

Flood brought people together Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window  "The community resilience and the spirit of all its people. The flood of December 2013, showed that when times and circumstances were at their hardest, and residents and neighbours - no matter what their nationality or backgrounds - were really needed for a helping hand or a little bit of support, they came together to give what they could and help where they could. The flood directly affected more than 850 residential and business people and through this tragedy brought together the town and borough in the best possible way."
Peter Hunn

"I love Boston because it is such a friendly place. It is also where I grew up and holds many special memories for me. My family all live in this area so I would not be tempted to move away."
Jane Keightley

"I love the people and the mix of people. I have only been here for 4 years having moved up from London to come and work at the Pilgrim and everyone says hello and has been very friendly."
Jennie Negus

"It's quiet. I like the rural nature. I moved here from near West Bromwich. It took some getting use to when I first moved to Boston."
John Dyson

"Boston has quite a bit to offer compared to similar sized places. Many historical places, a museum, quiet a good mix of national and independent shops, cinema, indoor bowling, marina, boat trips and railway service."
Des Ellerby
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"The history and the old buildings. I think the Stump is magestic, its height and stature can be seen from any direction as you travel into Boston, also the Guildhall, with its history of the Pilgrim Fathers. And the way buildings from different eras sit side by side like comfortable old friends."
Siobhan Bernadin

"I love the incredible history of the town and always think that we should be a much bigger tourist destination than we are. I also like the fact that the people are down to earth and will always be honest with you."
Amanda Mosek

"The people, You can go out and bump into someone you haven't seen for years and they are always friendly. I have been fortunate to make some great friends and acquantances in Boston and I love catching up with them and finding out how they are doing."
James Wright

Boston Market Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window  "Everything. OK, the town has it challenges but I always try to look at the good as well as the less good. I've lived here for over 40 years and have never really thought about wanting to work anywhere else."
Phil Drury

"Having been born in Boston, I moved away in my late teens. Now having invested substantially in the town over the past few year, I am spending more time here again; I am seeing things very differently to when I lived here. I have taken great pride in the history and some of the beautiful architecture that Boston has to offer. Whilst often getting a public bashing, there are some great councillors and officers that work hard to make Boston a better place, whom I enjoy working with when I get the chance. Behind that, there are some great independent retailers and offerings who again do Boston a great service."
Matt Clark

"I like Boston because of its market and surrounding countryside, I've always lived here and think it is a lovely area. Whenever I go anywhere out of the area I always look for the Stump as a landmark. That way I know I am not far off. We live in the countryside in Wyberton."
John Simpson

"Its size, I'm very much a town rather than a city person. If I can't get out into open countryside within a few minutes, or be able to see the sky, then I get a bit depressed."
Dr Chris Andrews

"History, heritage, architecture... The Guildhall and Central Park. They're gems.

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The Guildhall is a masterpiece of architecture, history and heritage. Contained within it is not only the history of the Guildhall but the history of Boston (you can read all about it in my booklet "Tales of the Guildhall", available for a small fee at the Guildhall). Admission is absolutely free.

Central Park ought to be the envy of many similar-sized towns. I am sure that visitors must be surprised to suddenly find such an elegant and peaceful park among the hustle and bustle of a market town. It's a beautiful space close enough to the town centre, but remote and open enough to be instantly calming. I love the song of the birds in the aviary and have great admiration for the lads who are passionate about its upkeep. It has a delightful area for small children to play, enough space for older ones who want to kick a football and quiet and restful spots for those who just want to enjoy a lunchtime sandwich and watch the world go by."
Andrew Malkin