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You're mobile, and so are we

It's now even easier to keep up to date on the move with news from Boston Borough Council. The council's website now has a mobile twin for those who view the internet from their phone, tablet or other portable devices.

The awkwardness of trying to navigate across the whole breadth and depth of the main online site has been removed, but with all the information still available, and in a format better suited to smaller screens.
You don't have to do a thing. Computerised "magic" will ensure that the council website displays best according to the device you are using at the time.
The website is continually updated with latest information about the council, its services and the borough. Go to
You can also find the council's daily (Monday to Friday) residents' newsletter, the Boston Bulletin DAILY, on the website; bite-sized chunks of news from the town and borough every day.
If you want your own copy delivered for free every day to your email inbox just send your request to
So far this month the Bulletin has covered warnings about illegal taxis, latest flood prevention news, a resident ordered to pay £1,000 by the courts for not cleaning up her dog's poo, heroic binmen who helped save a drowning man, exotic plans for Central Park, latest important council tax information, details for new garden waste collections, action on a town alley blighted by anti-social behaviour, CCTV for play areas, plans to rejoin a centuries-old trading league, PRSA latest moves, Boston Barrier updates and students committing themselves to volunteer work. Don't miss out.