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£1,000: Didn't clean up dog poo

A woman who failed to clean up dog mess in the yard at her home in Boston has landed herself with £1,000 to pay after Boston Borough Council took the case to court.

Neighbours had complained about smell and flies from dog mess left in the tiny yard at 71 Skirbeck Road. Susanna Neves was given chances to remedy the unpleasant situation and, when she failed to do so after several warnings, she was served with an abatement notice by the council.
She was found guilty in her absence at Boston Magistrates' Court on March 4 to two charges of breaching the notice, served under the Environmental Protection Act.
She was fined £400 and ordered to pay £560 costs and a £40 victim surcharge.
The court heard that the council environmental health department received first complaints in September. Ms Neves was written to and seen but temporary improvements were not maintained and an abatement notice was served in October ordering a clean-up of the yard and daily removal of dog faeces.
More complaints were received in December and Ms Neves was then charged with a failure to comply with the abatement notice.
After the hearing a council spokesman said: "This was an intolerable situation which could not be allowed to persist. The heavily-soiled yard was very small and in close proximity to other people's property. The abatement notice still stands and we will continue to monitor the situation and may take further action if improvements are not made and sustained."
BELOW: The scene which greeted environmental health officers on one of their visits to the property.

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