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Universal Credit - Are you Ready?

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a new,  simpler, single monthly payment for people of working age which brings together some of the benefits and tax credits that you might be getting now, whether you are in or out of work.

Universal Credit will replace:

When does Universal Credit start and who does it affect?,

Universal Credit full service will go live on the 12th September 2018, for new claims only. If you wish to make a claim in relation to paying your rent or financial support you can no longer make a new claim for Housing Benefit, you will need to make a claim for Universal Credit, you can do this by contacting Boston Borough Council, who can provide assistance or alternatively you can apply online at https://-universal-credit

Up until 12th September 2018, when Boston Borough Council changes from a Live Service area to a Full Service area, you will continue to be directed to claim one of the legacy benefits listed above until the Full Service is rolled out on 12th September 2018.

So what's different about Universal Credit?


Did you know that Universal Credit is a single, monthly payment into a bank account? You will need to have a bank account set up and ready to accept any payments you may receive in the future.

Universal Credit is paid in a different way to current benefits:

Click on the following link to get more information: How to have your Benefits Paid

Managing your Universal Credit claim online

Universal Credit will be managed online, you will need to make your claim online and report any changes by managing your claim on-line. If you do not have access to the Internet, you can visit Boston Borough Council to make a  claim or report changes using a terminal within the building. Support can offered by a member of our team.

Click on the following link to make a claim: Apply for Universal Credit

Working and claiming Universal Credit

There are no limits on how many hours a week you can work if you're claiming Universal Credit. Instead, the amount you'll get will gradually reduce as you earn more, so you won't lose all your benefits at once.

Changes to Universal Credit Since 1st April 2016

Changes to the Scheme from April 2017 including the budget announcements in November 2017

For more information on Universal Credit and how you can be ready for the changeover you can go to the Department of Work and Pensions website where there are lots of useful fact sheets and videos for you to watch. If you are a Landlord you can also find some useful information on how you may be affected.

Click on the following link to find out more about Universal Credit: Universal Credit

If you require help with Personal Budgeting Support, you can contact Boston Borough Council on 01205 314202 where we can make an appointment with one of our officers, alternatively you can visit the Money advice services on the details below.


Money Advice Service

The Money Advice Service can also provide you with further help on budgeting and planning for Universal Credit. There is also advice on the bank accounts available to be able to receive your benefits.

Click on the following link to go to the Money Advice Service website: Money Advice Service

Social Landlords

If you are a Social Landlord the DWP have produced a useful guide which can be found using the following link: Social Landlord Support Pack