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Trash the Ash

Littering the streets continues to be a major concern for borough residents. It's one of the things which always crops up when views are sought on what Boston Borough Council's priorities for the future should be.

But one area where there is particular concern is smoking litter. Many, especially smokers, still do not consider their carelessly-discarded cigarette ends to be litter, to the point where it has almost become socially acceptable to throw down a cigarette butt in the street. WRONG! It is litter and anyone caught could face a £75 fine.

Piles of cigarette ends look nasty and, thrown down outside business premises, send the wrong kind of message about those pubs, shops and offices.

Which is why many are fighting back, educating their customers and signing up to the council's new Trash the Ash campaign.

One of the first to join the campaign was Tiago De Abreu, who runs Samba Brasil bar at the junction of West Street and Bond Street. Tiago has just had a new wall-mounted cigarette bin fitted and said: "I don't like to see cigarette butts outside my business. I don't like the thought of children walking past and being encouraged to think about taking up smoking. That's how I got started."

Samba Brasil cigarette bin Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Tiago De Abreu, owner of Samba Brasil and his colleague Gabrielle, shows the way with their cigarettes

Another establishment who have signed up to the campaign are Simone Griffin, of SimInk Tattoo Studio in Wide Bargate, who has a cigarette bin. She responded quickly by providing the bin when discarded smokers' litter in the road outside her business was pointed out to her by council officials.

Others who have also signed up to the Trash the Ash campaign include Coral betting shops in West Street and Wide Bargate, Paddy Power, also in West Street, where manager Aaron Bradshaw asks customers to use the bin provided, Costa Coffee in Pescod Square, and Seventh Heaven Café in the Market Place.

Becky Shinn, the council's environmental enforcement officer, said: "The last thing we want to do is issue a fixed penalty notice for a discarded cigarette end. In the past we have issued £75 fixed penalty notices which have been paid when we have received information, especially where cigarette ends have been thrown from cars. But we'd much sooner educate people so they don't do it in the first place.

"It's great that businesses in the town have shown such an early interest in our Trash the Ash campaign and declared their support for keeping cigarette litter off the streets and disposed of properly.

"It's worth remembering that cigarette ends contain all sorts of toxins which can leach into water sources, poison wildlife and take up to ten years to biodegrade."

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