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Vehicles prevent bin collections

Problems have been caused for the borough's bin men recently with vehicles inappropriately parked in some streets with restricted access leading to bins not being emptied.

In one street in Boston the same vehicle prevented collections on the due day, and was still blocking access by the refuse freighter when the bin men returned later to try again.

Wheelie bins have to be presented to the lorry hydraulic lifting and emptying mechanisms. The knock-on effect of extra time spent wheeling every bin along roads to the lorry and returning the right bins to the right properties when access is blocked is that some other residents at the end of the day may not then get their bins emptied.

Having the refuse freighter parked longer than necessary in these narrow streets also causes problems for other road users.

George Bernard, Boston Borough Council's environmental services manager, said: "The crews work very hard doing a dirty job and there are just not enough hours in the day when faced with having to manhandle every bin in a street because the lorry cannot get to the bins.

"We appreciate that parking, especially for larger vehicles, is a bit of an issue, especially in some of the town's very narrow streets. You know when your collection days are, so we just asking for a little consideration in order that you and your neighbours are not then inconvenienced."

Bins not put out: No collection

The borough's refuse freighters are now fitted with onboard computer systems to improve efficiency. They record bins not presented in time on the day of collection.

In future there will not be return visits to empty bins recorded on the system as not being presented. Black or blue bags, dependent on the unpresented bin, will be provided as an interim measure until the next routine collection.

Bins missed and not appearing on the new computer system will be collected the same day if reported as missed by 2pm, and the following day if after that time.

All bins need to be available for 5.30 am on the day of collection.