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Litter and Animal Waste Bins

Our street cleansing team empty every litter and animal waste bins within the Borough.

There are around 400 litter and animal waste bins within the Borough that are emptied daily, predominantly with the town centre. All others are visited dependant on usage, a minimum of once weekly.

Litter Bins

Please note: Litter bins should only be used for the disposal of pedestrian litter. Any household waste, garden waste and trade waste should NOT be disposed of in a litter bin. If evidence is found relating to you, a fixed penalty fine will be issued for committing these offences.

Animal Waste Bins

Animal waste, including dog fouling should be disposed of in black bags of dog bags. Dog bags can be collected FREE from Municipal Buildings on West Street, Boston.

If you feel that there is a particularly high amount of dog fouling in your area, please call our Customer Services department on 01205 314200.