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Waste services to go high-tech

Depot on the move and your calls 'cloud' bound

Boston Borough Council's management of your waste is about to enter a new high-tech era using state-of-the art communications equipment to offer a no-nonsense, one-stop-shop service.

The changes are in line with the move from the council's environmental services depot in Fen Road to a new, purpose-built depot at St John's Road - the former lorry park near the docks entrance.

The move will be a win-win-win:

The environmental services administration team will be joining all other office staff at the council's main offices in Municipal Buildings in Boston, but latest "cloud" and "smart call" technology will be used from June 2 to ensure that customers phoning with enquiries on the former Fen Road numbers - 01205 311112/366007 - will be fast-tracked through and not clog up the general enquiries queue. Cloud technology will enable faster access to enquiries by any one of a number of responders thanks to computerised connectivity.

Customers will not have automated button-pressing options imposed upon them.

George Bernard, the council's head of environmental services, said: "The council deals with an enormous number of telephone enquiries every day, and we didn't want the move of our admin team into Municipal Buildings to add to delays for anyone.

"For that reason calls for environmental services will not impact on calls for other services - such as benefits and council tax enquiries - or vice versa."

Callers on the former Fen Road numbers will get a fast response which, if they are in a queue, will keep them informed of their position as they move forwards, and offer options for those who cannot wait or who can make their enquiry in other ways. Operations will cease at the Fen Road depot after June 13. All operational functions will move to the new depot, with refuse collection vehicles and grounds maintenance equipment being kept there. All administrative duties will move to Municipal Buildings. Personal callers will not be able to call at the new site, but will be able to access all the former Fen Road services at Municipal Buildings, including collecting blue bags for excess recycling waste.

So, it's all change from June 2... but you should still use the usual numbers for environmental services - 01205 311112/366007 - and prepare for smart-call cloud technology.

Services can also be accessed via the council's website Waste and recycling