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Working together to save your cash

Partnership working by Boston Borough Council and East Lindsey District Council will produce substantial savings for both authorities.

From Monday, February 17, Boston's binmen will be collecting household waste from some residents who live just across the border in East Lindsey District Council's area.

The deal came about following the opening of the new Lincolnshire County Council waste transfer station at Slippery Gowt, opposite the Boston household waste recycling centre - "the 'tip".

There are now waste transfer stations in Boston, Louth, Sleaford, Grantham and Gainsborough and they are used by the districts to deposit their residual waste (from the green bin collections in Boston's case) and, in some cases, such as Boston, their dry recyclables (blue bin) waste, prior to it being transported to a treatment site.

All of Lincolnshire's landfill sites, no longer considered environmentally friendly and uneconomic, are coming to the end of their lives, and the new Energy from Waste plant in North Hykeham has become the destination for all of the county's residual waste.

In East Lindsey's case, the closure of the Kirkby-on-Bain and Skegness sites in the future would have meant that all residual waste collected in the most southerly part of their district - the New York, Langrick, Friskney and Mareham areas - would have to go all the way back to the Louth waste transfer station. Having deposited its full loads the lorry and crew would then have to return to the last point they had collected from, in order to carry on.

Cllr Mike Brookes, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for waste services, said: "Conscious of our geographical proximity to such areas we met with colleagues at East Lindsey to determine whether it would make operational and financial sense for us to deliver refuse and recycling collections to certain East Lindsey residents, given that we benefit from a much handier and more local site in Wyberton for disposal."

In collaboration with Lincolnshire County Council it was agreed this was the most economic way forward.

From February 17 Boston Borough Council will commence alternate weekly collections of residual and dry recyclable waste from more than 5,000 properties in the East Lindsey District Council area, in an arc running east to west from just south of Wainfleet/Spilsby/Horncastle/Coningsby.

The timetable for East Lindsey residents will be amended so that, in line with Boston, residual waste is collected one week and recycling the next.

Flyers are being sent out by East Lindsey District Council to give due notice of changes to collection routines.

Residents are being advised to present their bins before 5.30am on the day of collection.

One of Boston's refuse freighters, with improved loading abilities, will be used.

Both councils make financial and operational savings.

To deliver this new service across the whole of their area East Lindsey District Council is changing its refuse and recycling collection regimes, including revised collection days and times.

Cllr Peter Bedford, leader of Boston Borough Council, said: "We have been working with East Lindsey District Council on this project since 2011, so it is good to see it come to fruition. The service residents have been used to will be maintained and both councils will gain from additional flexibility and improved efficiencies of operation."