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Bin crews catch up after storm

Despite not being able to commence refuse rounds until 9am yesterday (Monday, October 28) because of windy conditions, Boston Borough Council's crews managed to fulfil all collections - other than those along the A52 between Burton Corner and Wrangle.

A decision had been made, because of weather conditions and traffic at the later collection time, to make these rounds today (Tuesday, October 29). These have been done first thing this morning.

Yesterday two of the two-crew rounds had extra pairs of hands and the Trade team went back out after they'd finished their daily round and all was cleared up by 4.45pm. Lincolnshire County Council kept the Waste Transfer Station open for longer to facilitate later collections.

George Bernard, head of the borough council's environmental operations, said: "It was a fantastic achievement all round by all of our staff on what was a difficult day, to say the least.

"Those vast majority of those members of the public who did call to query their collections, were totally understanding."