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59 fly-tip sites cleaned away in a month

Boston borough's Operation Fly Swat team from North Sea Camp cleaned up 59 dumping sites last month (July).

Rubbish had been tipped at 25 locations at the side of roads, seven on footpaths and bridleways, five beside water courses and four on farm land.

Two animal carcasses were recovered, 32 loads were household waste and 26 amounted to a small vanload.

Old tyres were tipped in Lineside and Wash Road, Boston, fridge freezers at Fenside Road, Wrangle Bank, Frampton Road, Roman Bank, St Botolphs Crescent and Caroline Court

Operation Fly Swat has now extended into neighbouring South Holland where 60 fly-tip sites were cleaned up. Three animal carcasses were recovered along with four lots of construction materials and two dumped vehicles.