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New refuse fleet ready to roll

Boston borough's rubbish is getting first-class transport now since the council's new fleet of dustcarts took to the roads.

Ready to roll - the new fleet at the council's Fen Road depot. Pictured with them are the council's joint deputy leader and portfolio holder for waste services, Cllr Michael Brookes, right, and head of environmental operations, George Bernard.

The new and shiny-white fleet of seven vehicles from vehicle manufacturers Dennis, who also build fire engines and buses, is being commissioned.

The new vehicles completely replace the old fleet, now ten-and-a-half years old. Some of the old lorries have covered 180,000 miles and collected three million bins.

The new lorries, costing £137,000 each, are much more economic to run. They can carry ten per cent more that the ones they replace - around 12 tons each - but, being slimmer, are able to access narrow roads that the wider-bodied old fleet could not.

They have new features such as an ability to capture any liquids running out of waste collected and an automatic fuel and tyre-saving function in which two of the eight wheels only lower to make contact with the road when the load reaches a pre-determined weight. They also have fuel-efficient engines and advanced health and safety functions for the security of crew.

Landfill waste, recycled material and garden waste can be handled by all the new vehicles, which have already received a thumbs-up from the drivers.

Buyers are now being sought for the old vehicles, which will be put to lighter duties after years of hard work on the borough's roads. Some interest has already been shown.