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Advice for when wintry weather prevents the binmen calling

Freezing conditions which hampered a one-off end-of-season garden waste collection and then led to routine rubbish collections being abandoned on Monday have led to advice for householders on how to deal with accumulated waste when normal service is impossible.

The brown bin collection aimed at helping residents deal with the last of their autumn clean-up was hit by below-zero temperatures when wet garden waste froze solid and could not be tipped into the lorry. Despite numerous attempts the frozen garden waste could not be persuaded to leave up to 75 per cent of the bins.

And then on Monday routine green bin collections had to be abandoned because of unsafe conditions for the binmen, especially on back roads which had not been treated, and after some of the automatic wheelie bin mechanisms on the lorries froze up.

Those householders have been told to wait for their next routine collection in two weeks' time, but to bag up any extra rubbish if their bin is full. Black bin liners are preferred, but any rubbish left in plastic bags at the side of the green bins will be taken away.

In the meantime residents affected are asked to:

Bag up vacuum cleaner contents and non-biodegradable waste and leave it at the side of the bin. Put food waste and material likely to attract dogs, cats and vermin in the bin itself, as it's vermin proof. We will take all bagged non-recyclable side waste in a fortnight;

Ask your neighbours if you can put excess waste in their bins, if they have room;

Boston's household waste recycling centre (the tip) at Slippery Gowt Lane, Wyberton, is open seven days a week, 10am to 4pm and Skegness's is open from Friday to Monday each week. They will take all sorts of domestic waste items for free and recycle much of it.

All routine refuse collections resumed today (Tuesday, January 22) but if weather conditions prevent residual (non-recyclable) or garden collections please present your rubbish again in two weeks ' time on the normal day.