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Your bin collection days

Changes have been made to our waste collection services.

We have introduced a Garden Waste Collection Service for the brown bins and changed some of the collection days for refuse (green bins) and recycling (blue bins).
Please put your postcode into the bin collection search to find out what day your bins will be collected. Please note: if you have a brown bin for garden waste, this may or may not be collected on the same day as your green and blue bin.

Please present your bins at the kerbsite with the handles facing outwards on the night before you collection day, or no later than 05:30am on the morning of your collection day. Unfortunately, we are unable to return to collect bins which are not presented at the time of collection. Please note: times of your collection may vary each week.

There is a strict ban on garden waste in the green bin. Our refuse team will check bins which they suspect may have garden waste, they will do this by observing bags or loose garden waste, particularly at the bottom or middle of the brown bin. If the green bin is found to contain garden waste, it will be rejected and will not be emptied until the contamination is removed.

If you have any questions about the changes to the waste collection services please email our Operations Team at or contact our customer services team on 01205 314200.