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Tending an allotment is a great way of growing healthy vegetables, fruit and herbs at a competitive price.

There can be a lot of pleasure in knowing that you have grown your own food in harmony with the environment, especially if you decide to do so organically.

You will get a sense of accomplishment at the results of your efforts, and it's also a fun way to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of a busy lifestyle.

There are many ways that tending an allotment can bring benefits to your life. Some of these are listed below.

Benefits of having an allotment

  1. ­ Good exercise
  2. ­ Healthy eating
  3. ­ Family activity
  4. ­ Meet new people
  5. ­ Community spirit
  6. ­ Learn new things
  7. ­ Save money
  8. ­ Education for children
  9. ­ Sense of achievement
  10. ­ Environmental benefits

Renting an allotment means you can grow your own vegetables and get really fresh tasty seasonal produce which can be grown organically.

Growing your own is also environmentally friendly; it helps reduce energy use & pollution from transportation to the shops, and there's no packaging to dispose of or recycle.

Taking on an allotment is a lot of work. If you think that you may require some help don't be afraid to ask a site representative or other allotment tenants as most will be happy to help. If you feel that you cannot ask, you can try which is a free forum where you can post questions that other users may be able to answer.

Our allotment sites:

All our allotment sites are currently self managed, which means that the tenants now run the site. There is some information on this below.

If you are interested in getting an allotment plot on any of our sites please contact us on the details below and we will then forward your details on to the correct Allotment Association/s.


Telephone: (01205) 314490


Write to:

Allotments, Boston Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR

Some parish councils in the borough also provide allotments, so it might be worth talking to your local parish council.

Who can apply for an allotment

Anyone over the age of 18 who is resident within the Borough of Boston.

Allotment associations (self management)

Self management is the practice of devolving a share of the responsibility for managing allotment sites to the allotment gardeners themselves. They are usually organised as a constituted association with an elected committee. A fact sheet called 'Gardeners in Charge' is available at the bottom of this page.

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The documents in this section are in Adobe Acrobat format (pdf). You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files which can be downloaded from the Adobe website free of charge.