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Fly-tip latest March 2012

Boston's Operation Fly Swat team is just a couple of loads away from collecting more than 100 tonnes of illegally-dumped rubbish.

Latest figures reveal they have cleaned up 98.34 tonnes from 556 fly-tip sites.

The breakdown shows that 59.7 per cent was landfill waste, 33.4 per cent has been recycled, five per cent was garden waste and 1.9 per cent construction materials.

Of these 1,619 black bags of rubbish was collected, 939 tyres, 179 sofas, 179 items of furniture, 167 televisions, 89 mattresses and 31 fridges and freezers.

The crew, from HMP North Sea Camp, have, in the past five months cleaned up river banks, verges and ditches in Boston borough and just across the boundaries into East Lindsey and South Holland.

Talks are taking place with a view to extending the area covered by Operation Fly Swat.

Rehabilitating prisoners from North Sea Camp, in the final stages of their sentences prior to release, form the fly-tipping swat squad.

The multi-agency approach has come about as a spin-off from the highly-successful annual Big Boston Clean-up and involves Boston Borough Council, HM Prison North Sea Camp, Black Sluice and Witham Fourth internal drainage boards, the Environment Agency, Lincolnshire County Council, South Holland District Council, Boston Mayflower and Longhurst and Havelok Homes