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What happens when I submit an application?

This is a short summary of the general process that a planning application follows from receipt to determination.

What happens when I submit an application?

This is a short summary of the general process that a planning application follows from receipt to determination.


When you submit a Planning Application, it will be allocated to a Planning Officer, who will check that all the necessary information and fee is included with the application. If there is any additional information required we will contact you in writing to request anything further. Once a planning application is received with all the necessary information, it will be validated as soon as possible and the determination process will begin. You (or your agent) will receive written notification of this.

Consultation and Publicity

To allow third parties the opportunity to make representations in relation to your application, any necessary publicity and consultations will be carried out in accordance with the Code on the publicity of planning applications, such as;

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out proposals for involving and consulting members of the public and stakeholders on the preparation of planning policies and the determination of planning applications.

The Case Officer will assess the relevance of comments and, in the light of them, may suggest minor changes to the application to overcome any difficulties.

You are entitled to view copies of any representations received in relation to your application; these will be made available on request.

Site Visit

The Case Officer will carry out a site inspection in relation to the application and will take into consideration all relevant planning matters before making a decision. It is not normally necessary for you to be present.


The case officer will undertake a professional assessment of the proposed development in accordance with the Development Plan, also taking into consideration; the site, government guidance, third party representations and any other material considerations.

As the final stage in this assessment, the case officer will prepare a recommendation for either a Senior Planning Officer or the Councillors on the Development Control Committee to determine the application. 


Most planning applications are decided within eight weeks, unless they are unusually large or complex (major) - in which case the time limit is extended to 13 weeks.

The majority of planning applications are determined under Delegated Powers. However, in some cases an application may be referred to the Planning Committee for determination. The Scheme of Delegation is available below.

In the event that an application is presented to the Planning Committee, you will be notified and invited to attend the meeting and speak before the committee if you wish to do so.

Your decision will be issued to you in writing. If you consider the decision to be unreasonable you have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State.

You can also find useful information in relation to the Planning Application process on the Planning Portal