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Report a missed bin?

We have a duty to collect household waste, provided it is presented to the collectors in the correct manner and left in the correct place.

If your bin collection has been missed please contact us.

To help us, we would appreciate your checking through what we need you to do to correctly present your bin to us for collection, before you make your report.

What we ask of you to ensure we collect your waste correctly

We provide a weekly collection of your waste, with Energy from Waste refuse being collected one week and recyclables being collected the following week.  For us to collect, your refuse needs to be out by 5.30am on the day of your collection. Please ensure that your bin/bag is placed at the edge of your property nearest to the roadside. We will notify householders of any changes to prescribed collection days - for Public Holidays or during the Christmas and New Year period, for example, in advance of these changes, by leaflet, sticker, on the Council's website and through the local media.

Green bins

If you have bins, the lid must be completely closed. For green bins, we cannot collect any additional 'side waste'. Will issue a supply of plastic bags for Refuse and Recycling quarterly, free of charge, to each qualifying property where there is no space for bins. We will reserve the right not to empty residual waste bins where they have been overfilled with soil, concrete or hardcore.

Blue bins / blue bags

As above, the lid on your bin must be completely closed and any bags securely tied. However, we will take extra recycling left next to your blue bin if left in blue recycling bags. We will issue additional bags for recycling free of charge on request by a householder. Please telephone 01205 314200 if extra bags are required. We will reserve the right not to empty recycling bins where, following inspection by the collection crews, they contain items which are clearly prohibited from the stream, namely biodegradable waste including food and green waste, clothing, electrical goods and other prohibited waste items. Such material will cause contamination issues to the load.

Can I check which is my usual day for collection?

Please use the link on the right to check your collection day.

I put my bin/bags out correctly but it still wasn't collected, what do I do?

If your refuse was not collected please call 01205 314200 to speak to a Customer Services Advisor. They will ask you:

Should any container be missed by the collection crew, we give an assurance that a retrospective collection will be carried out as soon as possible after you have notified us.

If you would prefer to email us with the details of your missed bin, please use email and confirm the same details as above.