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Find out the current non dependant deductions.

Who are non-dependants?

Non-dependants are adults who normally share your accommodation with you but are not dependent on you for financial support.

Examples of non-dependants could be:

People not treated as non-dependants because they are not counted as part of your household include:

Why are non-dependants important in housing benefit and council tax support?

The law says that we must take a set amount off your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support for each non-dependant who lives with you. There are six different amounts depending on the income of the non-dependant.

Non-dependants are expected to pay towards the household costs, and some of what they pay will be for the rent or council tax. A deduction is made from your housing benefit or council tax support because of this, even if the non-dependant doesn't pay you.

When are non-dependants deductions not made?

Non-dependant deductions are not made where:

To find out the current non-dependant deduction see below:

If you wish to view the non dependant deductions from 2016/17 please see below:



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