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How do I register to vote?

Why register to vote? Being on the electoral register means that you can vote in the next election or referendum.



The biggest change in electoral registration in 100 years was introduced on 10 June 2014 which makes everyone responsible for registering themselves. This new method of registration is called Individual Electoral Registration (IER) and its aims are to have an accurate and complete electoral register and combat electoral fraud.

Some key points of the change mean that:-

People can register on-line at

People will need to register individually - in the past forms were sent to the property and any of the occupiers could register those persons living at the address

Most people who were registered to vote in 2014 were automatically transferred on to the new register.  Persons automatically transferred onto the new register received a letter of confirmation.

Individuals who have to register will need to provide some more details to register including national insurance number and date of birth

If you are aware of any person in your household who might not be registered then they can contact the Council and obtain an application form or go on-line at

Further information can be obtained from the Electoral Commission website or by contacting the Electoral Services Office at Boston Borough Council on 01205 314220 / 314221 or vial e-mail