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Can I reduce my council tax?

A full council tax charge assumes there are two adults (persons over 18) living in a property.

There are various discounts and disregards (persons not counted for the purpose of council tax) that are listed below for certain circumstances.


The full Council Tax bill assumes that two adults live in the property. If only one adult lives there (as their main home), the Council Tax bill will be reduced by 25% by claiming Single Person Discount. You can apply for a discount by completing a Claim Form within Useful Links

If a dwelling is no-one's main home the bill may be reduced by 10%; this applies to Second Homes. A 50% or a 100% discount can be applied to certain occupied or empty properties depending on your circumstances. Please click on the useful links to view the Categories of Exemptions.

The property requires or is undergoing major repair work to make it habitable, the exemption can be 25% for a period of 12 months per property.

Property is vacant (that means it is substantially unfurnished). The exemption can be up to 1 month at 100% from when the circumstances first applied.

The following people are disregarded for Council Tax and do not count when we look at the number of adults living in a property: 


Generally, you don't have to pay council tax on the classes of property listed in the two sections that follow because they are exempt. Some classes do have time limits though. After the exemption runs out, you may be able to get a 50% discount. If you get an exemption and your circumstances change and you are no longer be entitled to your exemption you must let us know straight away - or you may have to pay a penalty.

Classes of exempt empty property 

Classes of exempt occupied property

If you think you may be entitled to one of the above exemptions you can either complete the Claim Form within useful links, or you may wish to contact us on: 01205 314200 or write to us at the address listed below:


If you or someone who lives with you has;

You may be able to get money off your council tax bill if you apply and then qualify for disabled relief. The bill may be reduced to that of a property in the next band down.

These reductions make sure that disabled people do not pay more tax because of extra space that they need because of a disability.

If you think you may qualify for disabled relief you can apply.  Telephone: 01205 314200 to request an application form or write to us at the address listed below.

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