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Asbestos and hazardous waste

Although we are not licensed to collect and remove asbestos we do need to be notified immediately of any fly-tipped asbestos in the borough.

On receipt of the report we will notify a licensed contractor who will then come and remove it.

If the asbestos is on your own property you will need to contact a contractor who would come and remove it at a charge.

Frequently asked questions:

Can I take asbestos down to my local tip?
No the tip will not accept any asbestos waste as it is a hazardous material

What do I do if I find fly tipped asbestos?
You must report it to the council immediately to avoid it being further damaged and causing more pollution to wildlife and the environment or even the possibility of it being handled by children

How do I handle asbestos safely?
Always remember asbestos is a dangerous material so avoid handling it yourselves. You must either contact us or a reputable contractor

Hazardous waste collection

We are not licensed to collect hazardous waste which includes products such as paint or household chemicals; however these materials can be disposed of in the correct manner down at the Household Waste Recycling Centre or by a contractor.

For more advice and information please call us on 01205 314200 or visit the Environment Agency website.