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Housing management and housing problems

Boston Mayflower have managed council housing in the borough since 1999.

Boston Borough Council no longer owns or manages any council housing having transferred it to Boston Mayflower Ltd, a Registered Provider (RP), in 1999. Boston Mayflower merged with Shoreline on 3rd April 2018 to become Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP).  All references to Boston Mayflower should now be read as referring to LHP.

Instead we work closely with Registered Providers operating in the Borough to provide a single route of access for people looking for an affordable home.

The council's Housing team also provides a free advice and information service to anyone living within the Borough who has a housing problem.

Housing management issues such as reporting repairs and neighbour problems rest with the relevant social housing provider.

For more information about Registered Providers see Useful links on the right.  Registered Providers publish newsletters and other information for their tenants. See links below:

Accent Group newsletter

Housing 21 newsletter

Lincs Rural newsletter

Longhurst Group newsletter

Waterloo Housing newsletter

You can access the latest Mayflower Matters newsletter below:

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