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Boston Market

Boston Market operates in the Market Place every Saturday and Wednesday.

The market is a recognised tourist attraction in its' own right, with over 120 stalls offering a diverse and attractive range of goods, services and fresh local produce.

In addition to the market in the Market Place itself, the Bargate Green Market is held every Wednesday on Bargate Green. This market also offers a range of goods and local produce and includes an auction starting at 09.30am each week, that sells everything from plants to cars.

Trading fairs or "marts" have been held in Boston since at least the 12th Century - the earliest historic record of a fair or "mart" is in 1132. It ran from St. Botolph's Day (12th June) to 24th June. In 1218 a Patent was granted for Boston's Fair. The earliest maps of Boston date from that time and the "Market Place" is indicated on them in its current location.

In 1545 Boston obtained its Charter of Incorporation from Henry VIII, via his son Edward VI. On 1st June John Robinson took office as the first Mayor of Boston, the 12 aldermen were sworn in and the Recorder and Town Clerk appointed. Amongst his other roles the Mayor was declared "Clerk of the Market".

The original document beautifully illustrated and with its impressive royal seal, is kept in the Guildhall in South Street.  The charter contains the following reference. "We have granted also... unto the said Mayor and Burgesses, and their successors, that they and their successors, for ever, shall have a free Market twice a week, that is to say, upon the Wednesday and Saturday..."

2017 Markets

Boston Borough Council will run a market every Wednesday and Saturday throughout 2016, with the Boston May Fair dates earlier in the year being an exception.

There will be no market on Wednesday 27th December 2017.

Charity Stalls

A stall can be available on the market every Saturday which is available for use by charities and local organisations. This can be used to sell products to raise money for the charity or to raise awareness. Charities and organisations are permitted one free charity stall per year; additional bookings (up to four in total per year) will be charged at the standard market stall rent. To apply for a charity stall please complete the application form below.

word icon Charity Stall Application Form [62kb]

If you require any further information please telephone (01205) 314587.