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Wildlife conservation

The Boston area presents a wealth of opportunities to view wildlife, ranging from barn owls and bats to common seals and oystercatchers.

In addition to The Wash reserves on the coast, there are numerous designated local wildlife sites within the Borough, including Boston Cemetery and Witham Way Country Park.

A good way to see local wildlife is to go on one of the family-friendly walks highlighted in the "Go Walking in Boston" booklet. Free copies of the booklet are available from our reception at the Municipal Buildings and the tourist information centre at the Guildhall Museum.

In towns and cities, a large proportion of the available wildlife habitat is provided by gardens, forming important wildlife corridors through the urban environment. Along with other things, they provide sources of food and nesting places for urban birds, food for bats, ponds for declining numbers of amphibians, and early flowering plants offering spring pollen and nectar sources which are otherwise scarce in the landscape.

Lincolnshire's priorities for wildlife conservation are set out in the third edition of the Lincolnshire biodiversity action plan (also known as the Nature Strategy). Covering the period 2011 to 2020, the document is overseen by the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership, a not-for-profit environmental organisation with over 40 partners. The 41 individual plans that make up the document have been written by experts and people with local knowledge of species and habitats.

The Lincolnshire Biodiversity Action Plan contributes to the delivery of the UK biodiversity action plan, the England and EU biodiversity strategies and the global commitments made by the UK Government at Nagoya in 2010.

Wildlife habitat grants are available from Lincolnshire County Council Conservation Services - telephone number 01522 554835.

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