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Healthy Living Team

The Healthy Living Team are local people who know how hard it is to change aspects of lifestyle.

They give people support in making changes which are right for them and can signpost to specialist services when necessary.

The Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service  Healthy Living practitioner service is an informal and confidential programme aimed to accompany you on your path to better health.  The Healthy Living Team provide the following services:-

We use the phrase 'small changes can make a big difference' because we believe that by setting realistic and achievable goals you will see the big differences this can have on your overall health.

By listening, supporting, providing information and encouraging you, our qualified Healthy Living Team can assist you to set goals and make plans towards achieving a healthier lifestyle.

We can support you with a wide range of issues which can affect your health and wellbeing, such as healthy eating, activity, weight management, smoking, alcohol and confidence.

We appreciate how difficult the process can be so we offer ways of over-coming obstacles as well as sign-posting you to other useful services and introducing you to local activities such as local healthy walks, swimming or salsa classes.

To find out more contact The Healthy Living Team on telephone number (01205) 510888 or email