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Times they are a-changing

Caroline Harbinson watches watches... for she is Boston Market's watch lady. New watches, batteries for watches, straps for watches - she's got it all covered.

Her nimble fingers have been all over watches, from the cheapest to the most expensive, at Boston Market for the past nine years.

And her constant companions, Buster and Millie, are an additional attraction. Regulars to her stall near Fish Hill, especially those with a treat, are met with enthusiasm by Buster the field spaniel and Millie the springer. In fact some come just to pet the dogs and give them a biscuit.

Buster and Millie have their own little treat-level dog hatch to peep through, and it was the first item on Caroline's spec sheet when she had her watch kiosk built.

Caroline came straight to Boston Market when she launched her business, and attends on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but also stands on Bingham Market in Nottinghamshire and St Ives Market in Cambridgeshire.

Watching watches is a time-honoured family tradition and Caroline offers a while-you-wait battery changing service priced at £3 to £4.50 for all watches, from a cheap-as-chips Casio to an ultra-expensive Rolex.

"A customer came to me for a new battery for his designer Armani watch. The battery I replaced had cost him £90. For an identical replacement battery I charged £3... fitted and working!" said Caroline.

Her tick-tock range starts at £3.99 for a little alarm clock and £6.99 for a children's watch up to £50 for her most expensive men's timepiece.

If you have a watch problem that she cannot fix on the spot, she has a team of professional jewellers she works closely with at reasonable prices.

Caroline looks after Buster and Millie, her two cats, chickens and fish, and, when time allows, gardens and take care of her own home decorating.

·        Don't forget, clocks "spring" forwards an hour at the end of this month.

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