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Boston Haven banks to be raised

Affected residents are being informed by the Environment Agency of planned work on the Haven bank as part of the Boston Combined Strategy (BCS).

The Haven Banks Improvement Scheme will take place over the next few years as part of the EA's strategic approach for Boston, to manage tidal flood risk.

The works will start from the new Barrier site, on both sides downstream towards The Wash (as per image for a distance of 10 km (just over six miles), where flood banks will be raised and strengthened.

Ground investigation works will take place from February to April. During this period small areas of the bank will be fenced off for short periods of time. There is not an intention  to close off any public rights of way, and a team will be on site to manage access. The EA will work with landowners where access to fenced off areas will be required to arrange suitable solutions. Disruption during the ground investigation works will be kept to a minimum.

Anyone wishing to discuss concerns on site during the works, can contact the contractor, JBA Bentley, site manager, Michael Yates on 07973983437.

The main construction works will commence from June onwards along both banks with an aim to strengthen and increase the flood embankments' height to a level of 6.50m (just over 21 feet) Above Ordnance Datum (Ordnance Datum is the average sea level measured over six years at Newlyn in Cornwall). The AOD reached during the 2013 flood was 6.08 metres and was a one in 200 years event.

Due to the nature of the works there will be some disruption. Public access will be affected with footpaths being diverted and significant areas of the existing embankment being fenced off for extended periods. These will impact the majority of existing landowners along the Haven banks. Some disruption may continue until December 2020.

The EA wants to hear from any land owner likely to be affected by the raising and strengthening works.

For any queries about either the ground investigation work or the overall scheme, please contact Fé Toussaint via 07840639326 or by emailing