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Maud Foster Drain works

The council have been made aware of construction works the Environment Agency are planning to carry out to the river banks on the Maud Foster Drain, alongside Manor Gardens and adjacent to Windsor Crescent from Monday, February 4 for approximately 12 weeks.

The works will include installing steel piles into the river bank. Steel piling is the best long-term solution, helping to stabilise the river bank and reduce the impact of erosion to properties behind it.

Residents may experience vibrations whilst the piles are being installed. The vibrations will be more prominent as the first few anchor piles are put in place. Pile installation works are planned to start from late-February, and will take place between 8am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday; there will be no piles installed at weekends.

The contractors, JBA Bentleys, will be monitoring noise and vibration levels. They will be using an innovative silent piler method, which we hope will significantly reduce the noise pollution and potential vibration.

Any enquiries please contact