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May council elections - it could be you

Boston Borough Council elections take place on Thursday, May 2, this year.

Have you ever... wanted to get something done for your community, thought that the council could spend money better, wanted to improve public services, thought that you could do a better job given the chance?

You could stand for election and another session is being held which will provide information on the election process and an overview of the role and responsibilities of being a councillor. The open meeting for anyone interested in becoming a councillor is being held at 6pm on Thursday, February 21, in the Committee Room, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston.

To be eligible to stand for election to the borough council you must be over 18 and have a connection with the borough, such as being on the electoral register or having lived here for at least a year.

Any eligible person can become a councillor, all that is needed is a willingness to make a contribution to running the council. No specific skills or qualifications are required.

Training on roles and responsibilities will be offered to all new councillors, together with continuous support provided by officers to give the background knowledge and understanding needed to help councillors with their duties.

Councillors receive a basic allowance and get additional payments when they take on extra responsibilities, such as being a committee chairman.  Allowances are paid monthly and can include expenses incurred while acting as a councillor, for example mileage allowances for travelling to and from council meetings.

If you would like more information on becoming a borough councillor see the booklet below or contact Lorraine Bush, Democratic Services Manager, on 01205 314224 or email

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