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Help to keep you warm in winter

Chillier weather is forecast but practical help is available to those who may have difficulty if keeping warm in their homes.

Lincolnshire Community Foundation now manages the Responders to Warmth scheme which offers practical interventions such as oil-filled radiators, heated over blankets, hot water bottles etc. 

The Scheme runs until March and the Responders to Warmth helpline (0845 6064566) is open from Tuesday to Thursday.  The team is also able to signpost to other agencies who may be able to offer financial support with the cost of boiler repairs or replacement.

The Foundation responds quickly and provides support to those people left vulnerable as a result of having inadequate, or no form of heating, during the winter.

Referrals can be made easily via the helpline number and applicants only need answer some very simple questions to see if they are eligible to receive support and, as a result, keep warm.  Referrals can also be made from local agencies, support workers etc. on behalf of their client/service user.

Families and individuals across the county have been helped so far this winter. For example, Cheryl (aged 35) has a family and struggles to pay for the cost of electric storage heating at her property. She is on Income Support and has multiple medical issues. Cheryl and her family were provided with oil-filled radiators, heated mattress toppers and electric blankets. Francis (88) lives on his own. His heating system is waiting to be replaced after breaking down. He is in poor health and has mobility difficulties which are worsened by cold weather. Francis requested and was provided with an oil-filled radiator and electric over blanket.

To assist with the cost of future support, the Foundation would like to invite those who receive the Winter Fuel Payment, but are financially stable, to donate this to them and they will ensure it helps others, less fortunate, to keep warm in future years.

To apply to Responders to Warmth, or to donate your Winter Fuel Payment, please call 0845 6065466.