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Anglian Water teams up with Mountain's Boston Sausage to help 'Keep it Clear' this Christmas

A Boston butcher's shop is doing its bit to help beat unpleasant blocked drains this Christmas by giving away gunk pots and fat funnels.

Mountain's Boston Sausage has teamed up with Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service as part of its work with Anglian Water's Keep It Clear campaign to help customers dispose of fat safely and conveniently.

With around a million turkeys expected to be roasted in the East of England - producing a staggering 250 tonnes of fat - the problem of blocked drains caused by hardened fat in the pipes can reach a crescendo at Christmas.

The High Street butcher will be handing out the simple fat disposal tools (while stocks last) with every Christmas meat order placed in December in a bid to encourage customers to dispose of their cooking fats responsibly.

Even small amounts of fat, oil or grease poured down a sink can cause blocked drains. Around two thirds of the UK's 361,000 sewer blockages each year are avoidable - that's one every two minutes.

Anglian Water, through its Keep It Clear programme, is working with communities to raise awareness of the issues - the costs, the misery blockages can cause with internal and external flooding, potential pollution and harm to the environment.

When fat is poured into the sink it appears to drain away easily, however once this hits the cold pipes this fat will quickly cool down and harden against the wall of the sewer, possibly leading to blockages. Nobody wants to put their homes and gardens at increased risk of sewer flooding at this festive time of year.

By following a few simple steps, we can reduce the chance of blockages and prevent this unpleasant and often expensive problem affecting our holidays:

Cooking oil can be taken to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

They might be small changes, but if we all do our bit it will make a big difference to the drains and help prevent your's or your neighbours' sewers from blocking.

Anglian Water is also urging all customers to adopt the Keep it Clear habit and help stop these nasty blockages all year round.

As part of its work with Anglian Water, Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service project assistant Jackie Lane, is happy to attend local events and visit community organisations to talk about the campaign and give out free aids (email:, or go to for more information.

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