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Market 'welcome' arch to be investigated

Students' recommendation for a "welcome" arch for Boston Market should be investigated further, Boston Borough Council's Cabinet has said.

Pupils from Boston Grammar School, Boston High School, Giles Academy and Haven High Academy reviewed the market at the request of the council's markets review task and finish group.

One suggestion was a for a welcome arch at the entrance to the Market Place from Narrow Bargate.

The students also recommended that street performers should be encouraged to "create an atmosphere", local theatre and dance groups and musicians should be allowed to perform on market days and specific cultural events should be staged during the summer.

The Cabinet agreed the introduction of a cultural offer supporting the markets.

Councillors also agreed other recommendations from the students, including bigger and better signage and stalls for students during school holidays.

Other recommendations from the students already being implemented were new rubbish bins and advice to traders about better use of trader bins provided on market days, new seats for the public and a large notice board in the Market Place.

An amended markets policy is also to be adopted with an amendment from Cllr Nigel Welton that the council should not insist that traders are not permitted to smoke or vape within the vicinity of the market. He said he did not think the council had a reasonable enforcement procedure to deal with it. He said removing someone from the market would not be reasonable.

He said customers would vote with their feet if they did not like being served by a stall holder who was smoking or vaping.

There will also be a relaxation of the current rules which determine how many regular traders selling the same goods can stand. It was agreed that competition would be a better control, but any excess of applications could still be controlled by officer delegation.

The review had involved all market traders, the public, businesses and the schools and Cllr Welton thanked everyone who had contributed to the markets review which he said had been a long process over a number of years.