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Universal Credit - Are you ready?

Universal Credit is set to roll out across Boston borough on Wednesday, September 12 and we are working with our partners to ensure local residents are ready.

This change to the benefits system has been brought in by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and sees legacy benefit for the working age, such as housing benefit, income support, income based job seekers allowance, income based employment support allowance, child tax credits and working tax credits be replaced by one Universal Credit payment. On September 12, the change will only affect new claims only. If you wish to make a claim in relation to paying your rent or financial support you need to make a claim for Universal Credit, you can do this by contacting Boston Borough Council, who can provide assistance or alternatively you can apply online at https://-universal-credit

Up until September 12, 2018, when Boston Borough Council changes from a Live Service area to a Full Service area, you will continue to be directed to claim one of the legacy benefits listed above.

Residents who are currently in receipt of one or more of the listed benefits will transfer to Universal Credit from 2019. As these changes come into force we will be working closely with the DWP, Citizens Advice Bureau and Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP) to help residents to prepare.

Councillor Aaron Spencer, Portfolio holder for Finance, said: "Universal Credit marks a significant change for our local residents. I am pleased that all organisations involved are working together to help those affected in the borough prepare for the changes.

"Whether you need information on eligibility or require any support completing your claim, there is help available through Boston Borough Council and our partners."

For further information and any updates on Universal Credit please visit