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In-bloom final countdown

The in-bloom judge will tour Boston on Tuesday, so there's just enough time now for a quick tidy up to impress if you have property on the route.

The judging route will take in the Victorian Cemetery, Central Park, Bargate and Memorial Gardens, Pescod Square and Strait Bargate, Market Place, St Botolph's Church (Stump) grounds, B&M green space, Beadsmans Lane at the side of the Guildhall and next-door Fydell House, Haven Bridge meadow, Freshney Way off Welland Road and Boston West Academy.

Boston's result will be announced in September, but fingers are crossed for a fourth gold medal.

Alison Fairman, chairman of the Boson-in-Bloom committee, said: "Please boost our chances of golden success by picking up litter, putting plants back in the planters if they are out, and, see a weed, pull it out . Greet  the judge if you see him on Tuesday and show him how friendly we are in Boston".

She thanked all the volunteers who had made such effort over the past months and all the organisations who has come forward with sponsorship.

Cllr Sue Ransome, chairman of Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC), which sponsored ground cover plants for Pilgrims' Patch and provides the three-man Boston Town Area Team, said: "Our resources are limited so it would be such a help if everyone on the route could at least have a look at their own frontage and do what they can to improve it. That may only mean pulling a few weeds out and picking up some litter. We will all be so grateful."

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Cllr Sue Ransome, centre, with Alison Fairman, left, and in-bloom volunteer Sheila Lymer, with ground-cover plants sponsored by BTAC for Pilgrims' Patch.