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Boston Bike Night 2018

Thousands of people are expected to visit Boston Bike Night on the evening of Thursday, July 5, 2018, it is undoubtedly the largest motorcycle event in South Lincolnshire, and has a new location of Central Park, offering something for bike enthusiasts, and general public alike.

The event which will see riders of motorcycles, scooters, trikes and sidecars from all over the country descend upon Central Park Boston, filling it with a spectacular array of machinery, including all types' makes and models, from sports bikes, tourers, to classic varieties.  Not only is the event a Mecca for riders and fans of motorcycles, it is also a great family night out.

The event started twenty one years ago, when a group of Boston motorcycle Riders Association members decided to organise a meet up of friends and associates from other motorcycle clubs in the centre of Boston. The organisers from that time to now have had a simple philosophy, that the evening should be free to all who attend, that the event should be about motorcycles and, it will never be about profit. The event is now organised by the Boston Bike Night Committee, who are a group of volunteers who are also Boston Motorcycle Riders, who even with the increase in numbers attending the event over the years and the increase in legislative requirements, still hold to the founding principles of the original event.

The Boston Bike Night Committee puts on this event for fun, makes no profit from and has always felt that this event should be free of charge to all who attend.  As with all events of this type, there is always a need for help and support, so if you are able to offer any help, please contact the organisers through the contacts to be found on the Boston bike night website or facebook.

Details of the event can be found on the internet at and on facebook.