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Help museum grab a grand

One last big push and you could help a local attraction top 1,000 votes in its bid to qualify for a grant.

The We'll Meet Again Second Word War Museum at Freiston needs your vote to win a £2,500 grant from the Calor Rural Community Fund.

Voting ends on  Friday, June 29. For more information about the museum's bid go to

Museum owners Paul and Linda Britchford said: "We are in the process of upgrading to solar panels for the museum in order to be more green. As part of this process we would like to install in the area to the side of the museum an LPG standby generator with automatic activation that would be able to cut in should there be a power failure. Due to our location we can be susceptible to power cuts which could interrupt the teaching. This would allow us to remain open, and if children were in the museum a teaching day would not be interrupted by a power cut."