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Wildlife area for allotments

The traditional view of allotments is, perhaps, slimline plots with serried rows of veg, each with a different version of a shed at its head or foot. Quaint maybe. But they like to do things differently at the Wyberton Low Road Cuckoo allotment site.

Three plots cannot be let because they become waterlogged during the winter and spring seasons, so the plan for these is to turn the 800 square metres into a wildlife and community area.

The scheme has already been recognised by Lincolnshire County Council with a wildlife grant. This has been used to buy hedging plants, grass seed and wildflower seed. A donation from Boston in Bloom paid for the plots to be ploughed in readiness for grass and wildflower seeds.

The allotments site sits alongside the community orchard set up in 2012 by Boston Borough Council for the diamond jubilee of The Queen's coronation.

It is the largest in the borough with 100 plots and is popular - it's self-managed and fully tenanted. And it does have its full quota of healthy home-grown fruit and veg.

Ploughing Cuckoo allotment Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowSeeding Cuckoo allotment plot Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

Ploughing and seeding the Cuckoo allotment plots to create a wildlife area - good for pollinating insects.