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Video recycling guide you helped put together

We asked you what your concerns were about recycling and received an excellent response on which to base an explanatory video.

You can see Kayleigh, pictured,  demonstrating what should go into your blue bin and what should go into your green bin, including some quite tricky items, at

And a recently-updated guide to what can be recycled can be found on the council website at

The video was produced with advice from Mid UK, the council's recyclate handling partner. Thanks, too, to Cllr Alison Austin, who provided many of the examples needed for the video.

Many of the systems used by Mid UK to separate your recycled material into waste streams are automated. Various processes employing magnets, blowers and sensors separate tins and cans from paper and cardboard from plastics and glass.

There may be some surprises - for instance black plastic, often used for meat trays, cannot be recycled because the automated system cannot recognise the colour, and plastic bottle tops should be removed and placed in the green bin. Bottles, plastic and glass, can all be recycled.

But nothing is wasted. Your green bin contents no longer go to fill a giant hole in the ground. They now go to the Energy From Waste plant near Lincoln where burning it generates energy to produce electricity.