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Honour for Fran

Fran Taylor, known to many in the borough for the work she does to encourage play and physical activity, was the first surprise recipient of Boston Big Local's Partner of the Year Award.

The award was sprung on Fran, Boston Borough Council's play and physical activity officer, when she attended Boston Big Local's third birthday party as a guest speaker. She was said to have delivered above and beyond the expectations of all.

Presentations highlighted key projects Boston Big Local has funded - FloatFit at Boston Leisure Centre, the work of the Boston Hanse Group, the annual beach event and investments in new play equipment and promotion of environmental responsibility and street scene improvements.
A delighted Fran said: "This was a really good surprise, I was honoured to be thought of to be worthy of the award. I might be the cog that brings everything together but there are others who helps me achieve what I want to do for our community." 

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Fran receives her Partner of the Year Award from Richard Tory, Chairman of Boston Big Local, and Rachel Lauberts, plan co-ordinator for Boston Big Local