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Is there anybody there?

Boston's historic and equally atmospheric Guildhall will be the venue for an evening of clairvoyance.

The Guildhall, built in the 1390s, has its own history of hauntings and is popular with ghost hunters. It will play host on Thursday, May 24, to Simon Goodfellow, a spiritual medium and clairvoyant.

His initial disturbing experience was when, aged 14, he had a bad dream in which he saw his sister surrounded by flames. Later that night he was woken to be told his sister had been badly burned in a fire while camping with a friend in a tent. Then, while working in a bar, he said he began to receive messages for customers  about loved one who had died.

He has appeared on television in Spain and Holland and on radio in the UK. You can find out more about him at

Tickets for the evening at the Guildhall are £10 available from the Guildhall, Wednesday to Saturday, 10.30am to 3.30pm, cash only, or by card by calling 01205 314200.Doors open at 7pm, in your seats for 7.30pm.