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New look to one-stop council offices

Visitors to Boston Borough Council will be welcome back through the main West Street entrance to the revamped Municipal Buildings from 8.45am on Monday, March 26.

For some months that entrance has only been available to people wishing to see the registrar. The council's main reception counter and the revenues and benefits department moved further along the street, closer to the former Co-op building, and visitors had to use a temporary entrance while building works were going on in the main building.

Parts of the original Edwardian building, which once housed the council, the police - complete with cells, the fire brigade and the library, the newer "Co-op" extension and Babbage House are being adapted to suit the modern demands of the other organisations including the Department for Work and Pensions, which will open for business on Monday, April 9.

The design has been a massively-complicated project, converting rooms better suited to modern applications. This has involved cutting through walls, some of them supporting walls running from floor to roof, building new walls with doorways and windows, laying new floors and reducing ceiling heights. On top of that, and at the same time, consideration has been applied to routing literally miles of cabling for electric sockets and switches, lighting, phones and computers plus piping and ducting for heating.

The overall Transformation project has seen large rooms occupied by very few staff altered to become open-plan "new ways of working" offices accommodating more people, often from different departments, and creating space for other organisations such as various Lincolnshire County Council departments including the registrars and the probation service, generating much-needed income for the borough council. Municipal Buildings will become THE one-stop shop for a number of public services.