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Free advice for your business idea


The Boston Start up and Grow Event takes place at the White Hart Hotel from 5.30pm to 8pm on Wednesday, May 16 - a free event designed to help people who are thinking of setting up their own business or going self-employed.

There will be an expert panel on the evening who will be there to take questions - combined with exhibitions

It's free to attend but please register by emailing or call 01522 846929

The event aims to provide support through drawing on the knowledge and experience of presenters speaking on such topics as business planning, finance, marketing and tax. There will be the chance for

delegates to learn from those who have started their own business.

Start-up and Grow 2018 is ideally suited for those who:

• Are in education and are now looking to self employment;

• Are unemployed and are now looking to self employment;

• Are in the armed forces and are looking to self employment as part of their re-settlement;

• Are in employment but are looking to go self employed;

• Are part of an established business which has an idea they would like to "hive out";

• Have an idea or concept that has the potential for commercialisation;

• Are thinking of starting a social enterprise.