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If you really have to go out, please stick to main routes

Lincolnshire County Council, the highways authority, and Lincolnshire Police are advising motorists not to travel unless absolutely necessary.

Those who do need to venture out should ensure all windows are clear of snow and ice, that washer bottles are full and washers functioning, they have plenty of fuel for their journey and that they allow extra time and leave plenty of room between themselves and the vehicle in front.

They should, wherever possible, stick to main routes.

Those who have made it into work are advised to stick to main routes on their homeward journey wherever possible.

Over the next few hours, the gritters efforts will be focused primarily on ploughing the county's most vital links.

Darrell Redford, network resilience manager, said: "Given the overwhelming amounts of snow that we're seeing, we're having to focus solely on our major routes for the moment, as we attempt to get the county moving again.

"That means many other roads will be hazardous and we'd urge you not to travel at all."