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Barrier work will lead to footpath closure

Work on Boston's £100 million flood barrier scheme will mean a footpath diversion between London Road and Leyland Way.

The public right of way (between London Road and Leyland Way will be closed. Safety fencing will be established along the length of the Haven bank and there will be no access from the back of properties onto the flood embankment or to the public footpath which will be diverted during the construction works. A diversion route will be signposted along the public highway for people still wishing to use public footpath 14 (The Macmillan Way).

The footpath is being closed temporarily to allow for civil engineering and marine works, including sheet piling, to take place. If you have any questions or concerns about the temporary closure, please contact Gordon Hounslow on 07939474682 or

The Boston Barrier Hub on Marsh Lane is open every Wednesday from noon to 7pm if you have any questions about the scheme.

The works timetable up to March, 2018, will be:

• Site establishment

• Carry out dredging works

• Prepare for fishing fleet relocation

• Demolition of existing "oil" jetty structure

• Demolition of buoy workshop

Then from April to December 2018:

• Relocate fishing fleet to quayside

• Construct right bank embankments

• Commence Frontier quayside works

• Construct barrier control room

• Construct quayside

• Fabrication of barrier gate offsite

• Manufacture hydraulic rams

• Construction of the barrier

• Design of wet dock entrance

• Secondary dredging starts October 2018