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Boston 'special rate': Less than 19p a day

Boston town ward residents may have to pay less than 19p a day as their "parish" portion of their overall council tax bill for 2018/19.

Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) has made a recommendation to increase its precept in line with inflation -  three per cent, a £71.98 annual charge for a band D property. The majority of properties in the area are rated less than band D, so will pay less than this.

Council tax bills are made up of payments to Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police, Boston Borough Council and either BTAC or parish councils for those living in the rural areas.

BTAC's recommendation will be considered by the borough council's Cabinet before final approval at the council tax setting meeting of the full council on February 26.

The money required by BTAC - £648,327 - will help pay for public toilets, Central Park, footway lights and open spaces, and supports Christmas lights in the town and other town-based organisations. Chairman, Cllr Nigel Welton said: "We spend it wisely to help make the town a better place for those who live in the town wards. One of our additional focuses will be to promote and provide town centre events and additional staff to help maintain and improve the environment."

The charge compares with £104.30 for band D properties in Alford, £75.70 in Skegness and £107.50 for Sleaford.

BTAC has awarded grants to: