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Flood warning update

Flood warning update at 19:08 - River level dropping nicely. Defences have done their job. No flooding and no seepage. Boston can sleep easy tonight.

Flood warning update at 19:00 - All clear given for Boston. Water levels reducing. We will be continuing to monitor for seepage, but none likely now.

Flood warning update at 18.57 - Sea defences in Boston staying strong, no reports of seepage.

Flood warning update at 18.53 - Levels starting to drop, only slightly at this stage, but peak level has been and gone.

Flood warning update at 18.49 - High tide in Boston now reached. Water is on the turn. No flooding issues.

Flood warning update at 18.39 - Flooding not anticipated. Markers at all known risk areas looking good.

Flood warning update at 18.26 - Levels still normal for this time of year, no observations and reports of any issues with 20 minutes to go to high tide in Boston.

Flood warning update at 18.08 - Boston Borough Council officers are monitoring river levels on the ground and by using CCTV cameras. There are no incidents at this stage. High tide is at 6.42pm. Updates will follow.

The Environment Agency has issued a flood warning for waterside properties between Boston Town Bridge and Haven Bridge where there is possibility of seepage through defences and drainage systems. High tide passes at 18.52 tonight.

Updates will be issued via and the council's Facebook and Twitter pages. For more see